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The Chick-fil-A Essays

The Chick-fil-An Essays The Chick-fil-A Paper The Chick-fil-A Paper Chick-fil-A’s remarkable corporate methodology has been inserted in the organization since the primary store opened in 1967. The Chick-fil-A chain itself is a result of related expansion, conceived from a solitary, southern family café. In 1946, originators Ben and Truett Cathy had opened an eatery called The Dwarf House in Hapeville, Georgia. The eatery pursued effectively and Ben was murdered in a plane accident, Truett was the sole proprietor. Truett proceeded to open two more Dwarf House eateries, where he made and served his initially seared chicken filet sandwich. This turned into the model Chick-fil-A sandwich that we know today and before long started to surpass their popular cheeseburgers on the Dwarf House menu. In 1963, Cathy protected the name Chick-fil-A, joined the organization and started to offer the sandwich to different eateries. Stressed that a bigger chain would take his chicken sandwich thought, Truett Cathy opened the principal Chick-fil-A café in 1967. By 1974, there were 21 Chick-fil-A stores in Geogia and the Carolinas alone and each mirrored a similar four fundamental precepts. As a matter of first importance, the organization would develop not by selling establishments, yet shaping joint endeavors with autonomous administrators. This ensures quality, management and inspiration of association. Second, stores will be worked distinctly in significant shopping centers. Clearly this fundamental was in the end relinquished, yet at the time shopping centers gave the ideal air to a Chick-fil-A store. This limited capital expense per store and boosted introduction to clients, as shopping centers were getting progressively well known as of now. Third, financing would come not through obligation, however principally from the company’s own benefits. This permitted Cathy to keep possession control and maintain the business as per his very own directors. This likewise constrained the firm to be increasingly mindful of benefits and denied the chain from developing excessively fast, staying away from the danger of losing working and quality controls. Chick-fil-A started to develop for growth’s purpose, not only for benefit. Ultimately, and above all, the main accentuation will be on the individuals. This alludes to both the clients and the representatives of Chick-fil-A. These fundamentals have become the center skills of the organization, setting accentuation on what is best for the organization and its clients. Not wandering excessively far from their underlying foundations, the main expansion methodology Chick-fil-A has executed since the opening of its first store has been the making of Truette’s Grill. Truette’s Grill opened in 1996 as a 50’s coffee shop themed eatery, which includes the full Chick-fil-A menu just as things from the first Dwarf Grill café. Truette’s Grill is found only in Gerogia and opened its third eatery in 2006. A colossal piece of their corporate procedure is the manner in which they make the joint endeavors with their free administrators. As opposed to selling establishments the firm searches out people, frequently from inside the association, to turn into an administrator. When endorsed, the administrator contributes $5,000 to sublease the café, which Chick-fil-A has just bought and fabricated. Chick-fil-A furnishes the administrators with preparing, innovation and whatever else they need. Every administrator is just permitted to work one eatery, working all day in the café they assembled, directing a steadfast group of representatives. In 2002, the greater part of the Chick-fil-An administrators were making over $100,000 every year, with some creation as much as $300,000. Chick-fil-A likewise offers authorizing understandings to open a Chick-fil-An Express in spots, for example, school grounds, medical clinics and air terminals. Chick-fil-A has decided not to incorporate vertically or evenly, yet rather assemble solid associations with various providers and wholesalers. Potential providers can round out a request directly off of the company’s site, anyway the endorsement procedure is exceptionally confounded. On the off chance that Chick-fil-A considers a to be as socially fit and monetarily solid, they will do subsequent meet-ups, for example, on location investigations, reviews and test runs. In the event that and when a provider is affirmed, they will have month to month gatherings with the buying division and keep on being tried on item quality. In spite of the fact that Chick-fil-A doesn't claim any of its providers, they hold elevated expectations and tight authority over their gracefully chain. Chick-fil-A has been working intimately with their principle wholesaler, MBM, since 2000. The NC based organization has more than 34 areas over the US, remembering an area for Macon, GA that was worked in 2007 explicitly to all the more likely serve one of its principle customers, Chick-fil-A. MBM furnishes Chick-fil-A with request amount programming and uses the previous a month normal request amount to foresee the following week’s request. The administrator can support the amount or increment/decline as much as they consider fundamental. These techniques for stock control help to cut cost and lessen squander, expanding productivity. The nearness of Chick-fil-A stores to their merchants alongside their stock control strategies are important assets to the chain. In spite of the fact that these assets are not uncommon, incomparable and there are potential substitutes for both, they enhance the bind and add to its prosperity. Without the good areas of the wholesalers, Chick-fil-A would not have the option to have ideal areas of their eateries. Similarly as without the innovation from these sorts of stock control frameworks, the organization would not have the option to limit cost, boost benefit and lessen squander. The Cathy’s have been shrewd about the money related execution of their organization. By choosing from the earliest starting point that the organization would be financed principally from their own benefit as opposed to by getting, the organization has had the option to acquire as meager obligation as could reasonably be expected. The organization hopes to be without obligation by 2015 and cases to have not assumed any obligation since 1990. The organization likewise has a record 43 back to back long periods of yearly deals increment. This solid money related execution and overwhelming income is additionally one of the most significant and essential assets to the firm. The most important immaterial asset to the firm is inserted profound inside the underlying foundations of the organization. It is their attention on the human part of their business that has given them an economical upper hand. By concentrating on the individuals, both the workers and clients, Chick-fil-A has set the measures for inexpensive food client assistance. By staying with the family claimed, Cathy had the option to guarantee that the firm would work as per his own administrators. For instance, Chick-fil-A, much the same as the Dwarf House before it, is shut on Sundays. In spite of the fact that the family was disparaged in the first place for losing a day of business, their solid family and otherworldly qualities demanded they hold this day for the Lord. This was additionally done in light of workers, allowing them daily of rest to go through with their family and to love in the event that they decide to do as such. Today, Truett Cathy’s two children, Dan and Bubba fill in as COO and Senior Vice President, individually with their dad, presently 90 years of age, still as CEO. By keeping the business in the family, they guarantee trust and experience on the most significant level. It is the abilities of these relatives that have brought Chick-fil-A where it is today. To have a board made out of relatives who truly care about the prosperity of their business, who have long periods of experience, administrative abilities, trust and prized formulas is the most significant, incomparable, uncommon and non-substitutable asset. Anyway the Cathys have endeavored to impart their directors in the entirety of their workers. While feasting at a Chick-fil-An eatery it’s inconceivable not to see the habits and southern accommodation of the representatives. During preparing, workers are told on the best way to give incredible client support. They are told to utilize expressions, for example, â€Å"My pleasure† as opposed to â€Å"You’re welcome† and ask â€Å"May I invigorate your refreshment? † as opposed to â€Å"Can I get you a top off? †. Beside having great habits, representatives are reminded this is as yet a snappy assistance café and that speed and effectiveness are absolutely critical. Consistently Chick-fil-A burns through $1 million assessing its administration, giving every area a two-page report enumerating how its exhibition looks at to the chain’s top entertainers. This nearby checking of representatives estimates execution as well as fabricates a group domain to get one of the most noteworthy performing cafés. Another significant human viewpoint to consider is the recently referenced procedure of choosing a location’s administrator. The ability to recruit, train, and spur workers in understanding to the authors directors is amazingly significant, uncommon, incomparable and non-substitutable. It is the hierarchical capacities drawn from the HR everything being equal, from the official board to behind the counter, that guarantee the elevated levels of client care we anticipate from Chick-fil-A. The firm’s HR likewise mirror a significant level of social unpredictability; it is these practices and directors that have given Chick-fil-An its solid image name, making a notoriety with clients for quality and unwavering quality. The HR and abilities of Chick-fil-An are way reliant; they can only with significant effort be reproduced or imitated by a contending firm, they can't be purchased yet should be worked after some time.

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What are the relevant facts Essay Example for Free

What are the important realities Essay As indicated by this case, Stacy is another worker of a nearby CPA firm, who is waiting on the post trial process and requested to play out a propelled level occupations, since this firm has a substantial turnover. There are some confidence and hierarchical issues with this CPA firm, so an analyst is brought into survey these issues. Both Stacy and different representatives in this firm point out a similar administration issues, and a few workers even have left this firm. Stacy is helping meeting contender for the open bookkeeping positions. What are the moral issues? By and large, Stacy has an obligation of devotion to the firm while meeting imminent employment up-and-comers. There are laws necessitate that a worker abstain from acting in a way that would be in opposition to his employer’s advantages. Be that as it may, this obligation of devotion isn't supreme; it is affected by the duty and trust among representatives and managers. In this way, even Stacy has an obligation of steadfastness to the firm, he additionally can pass judgment if employers’ choices and game plans are correct. He has no obligation to give honest data to applicants. What are the essential partners? The accomplices of the CPA firm, Stacy, every single other worker of the CPA firm, and imminent representatives of the CPA firm, and customers are essential partners. What are the potential other options? To begin with, Stacy can leave this CPA firm, on the off chance that he wants to not accomplish for the firm any more. Second, Stacy can be faithful to the firm and do what he is advised to do. Third, he can come clean to the competitors about the data of this firm. What are the morals of the other options? In the first place, in view of utilitarianism, Stacy should hold faithful to the firm and don't make straight to the point correspondence with the up-and-comers. Since this is identified with his own activity, he needs to get him far from being terminated. Second, in view of rights, competitors have rights to know the genuine data about the firm, so Stacy should come clean with them. Third, in light of reasonableness, come clean is by all accounts reasonable for competitors and him. However, he may misfortune his activity on account of plain correspondence. This is an uncalled for trouble for Stacy. What are the down to earth limitations? On the off chance that Stacy advises the genuine data to the competitors and new representatives about the issues at the firm, he may be denounced again or even be terminated. It might likewise impact him when looking for a future activity. What moves ought to be made? Stacy may attempt to adjust the propelled level activity by learning more aptitudes, so he can abstain from committing similar errors once more. He can hold faithful to the firm when he is meeting the competitors, and remind the recently recruited employees a few issues secretly. He can likewise make recommendations to the CPA firm.

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The impact of Christian Religious Education Essay Example for Free

The effect of Christian Religious Education Essay Presentation: The setting of examining strict in a general public, for example, our own, Christian strict trainings offer me the chance to gain from religion (Christian religion) in a sorted out Manner. From my point of view, Christian strict instruction plans to help and build up my strict personality by allowing me the chance to take part at Christian strict practices. Strict training like Christianity includes strict practices, for example, supplicating, thinking about others, and managing the difficulties of life. In these practices I consider Christian to be training as an uplifting truth of God’s educating; the main solid device that I depend on in the hour of troubles and difficulties. The ideas of God, creation, recovery, or endlessness are ideas that are hard to comprehend except if with confidence and the instructing of Christian strict training. From this angle, progress in Christian strict training alludes to my interest at strict practices in a progressively capable manner. The point of this paper is to get an away from on the hugeness of examining Christian Religious Education and its effect on me as a person. Growing up as a Kid: As a child growing up I went to Catechism classes (first Holy Communion and Confirmation), to the extent heading off to the theological school (Catholic theological college) after my graduation from secondary school. I went to drill classes and was shown the Catholic conventions and other Christian convictions. In this manner, Christian strict instruction has affected my life and my self-awareness. Thus, learning through strict training empowers me to: Develop my insight and extend my comprehension of the Christian confidence, particularly my Catholic confidence and other Christian convictions. It encourages me comprehend the pertinence of the Catholic confidence and the significance of life. It cultivates the qualities, mentalities and practices which are appropriate with my confidence as Christian. Christian strict training builds up my abilities of reflection, basic reasoning, and the proper behavior in agreement when settling on moral choices. It sustains my supplication life as a person. It encourages me comprehend and acknowledge huge parts of other Christian customs, for example, watching loaned, the act of station of the cross and appearance season. The recognition of these has a constructive outcome to my Christian life and put my convictions and qualities without hesitation. The Influence of Christian Religion Education on me: The effect of Christian strict instruction on me is that it moves Christian virtues and standards to me as individual or individual growing up to get mindful and valuing myself as well as other people. It shows me the real obligation of a Christian and familiarizes me with strict practices and compliance to experts in the area, homes, state and in the all inclusive society. Christian strict instruction encourages me to build up the information and comprehension of Christianity and particularly, the catholic precept. Christian strict training uniquely the catholic tenet have shown me some strict standards and it esteems and has urged me to gain from different strict convictions, qualities and culture while simultaneously, centering my own convictions with respect to my religion. My investigation at the theological school and drill classes has likewise help me to be experienced by and by and socially just as refining my decisions and choices on strict, good and social issues, setting me up for life in a common society. During my time in grade school I can unmistakably review that Christian strict training with regards to catholic strict lessons famously known as â€Å"doctrine† in catholic schools was an obligatory subject for us. It was required subject, not a discretionary one. Actually any individual who couldn't pass tenet in St. Francis secondary school (Pleebo, Maryland County) is expected not to have the option to progress admirably or pass different subjects. As the outcome, Christian strict training gave me a more grounded feeling of my character and it made me to know my place on the planet that I live in through Christian strict and moral instructing. Christian Religious training guides me through my otherworldly excursion. It thought processes me and encourages me been center around my otherworldly life. In the event that I don’t comprehend what I am actualizing in my life, at that point I will wind up losing center in my Christian exercises. Christian Religious training helps me in educating me how to comprehend the presence of God and how to comply with his orders. Christian Religious instruction helps me in shielding me from doing an inappropriate things and rehashing similar mix-ups again and again. It educates me to obey specialists and follow the instructing of the sacred texts, with the goal that I may show the little one or my own children the lifestyles of my religion (Christian) and how to tail it lessons. Urges me to look more into what I acknowledge as obvious and think about that profound information. It encourages me comprehend the Word of God as communicated in the Christian sacred writings and particularly the lessons of the Catholic Church. Furthermore, taking into account how circumstances can influence the way that I comprehend things in my lives and my general surroundings. Thinking about the Catholic convictions that my life has meaning, in this manner, the pith of Christian strict instruction is to assist me with valueing the lessons of the sacred texts and that which God uncovers in our lives. It encourages me perceive such information and comprehend issues which are never completely acknowledged aside from in real associations with the sacred writing (God) or instructing of Christian religion training. It causes me really create and connect with normal issues in solid activities. Why Christian Religion Education Matters to me? Christian Religious training makes a particular commitment to my prosperity. It advances my ethical, social or more the entirety of my profound, improvement. It sets me up for cultural difficulties and future obligations. Religion and convictions advise our qualities and are reflected in what we state and how we act. Christian Religious instruction attempt to disclose or offer significance to testing inquiries concerning a definitive importance and reason forever, convictions about God, and the idea of the real world, issues of good and bad and being human. It builds up my insight and comprehension of the idea of religion and conviction including Christianity, and other head strict issues, for example, the TRINITY, (three people in a single God). God the FATHER, God the SON and God the HOLY SPIRIT, theory that are hard to comprehend. Christian strict training offers me the open doors for individual reflection and otherworldly turn of events. It improves my mindfulness and comprehension of Christianity and convictions, lessons and practices. Christian strict instruction had affected my life, to be increasingly exact, it causes me to comprehend issues of confidence and the presence of God. There are things I can't do in light of my convictions and confidence. I can't remove human life, since I have an incentive for other and the life of individuals. I can't support premature birth or gay expressions. Removing other life is murder, murder is a wrongdoing. Christian strict training, extraordinarily my precept (catholic conventions) disallows that. Also, Christian strict instructions help improve and cultivate my convictions. In this way, my estimation of God is developing. Christian strict instruction today is imperative. As the issue of fanaticism develops, I started to consider how these individuals lost their ethical course and they have betray society for the sake of religion. One should look to their religion as one part of what molded their reasoning. Rather than judge them; I broaden pardoning, in light of the fact that my religion (Christianity) shows me how to excuse. All things considered, Christ said in the Bible â€Å"he who is without transgression should cast the principal stone. † Christian strict instruction is inestimable. Christian religion offer open discussion pretty much all good and moral perspectives. It is available to free discussion, not at all like different religions which precludes open conversation of some basic issues. So as to battle numbness, Christian strict trainings illuminate my psyche. It makes me go about as identifies by the sacred text or my regulation. The explanation a general public falls is its absence of ethical quality. Christian strict instruction showed me profound quality, morals and to cherish others, regardless of whether they don’t act exceptionally adoring toward me. The abilities, comprehension and information gained from Christian strict training during my theological school and questioning class’s days, couple with my Christian morals class at AMEU is fundamental. They help to expand my insight and decidedly sharp my intuition to be developed in my mentalities. Christian strict trainings help me to be liberal, esteem for other people and self comprehension. Encountering confidence about my own convictions and personality and expanding my impression of my strict, good and profound thoughts. End: In end to this paper, I will say Christian strict instruction from all edge and from all territory of society has appeared undoubtedly its importance on me as individual and society can't be overlooked. Christian Religious Education has demonstrate to make accessible openings for profound extension over the span of helping me to consider and act in light of inquiries of importance and capacity throughout everyday life, and inquiries concerning the s presence of God and ethics in human culture; to consider and respond to basic issues particularly issues of ethical quality and genuine difficulties of life. This has helped me to clarify and learned choice on strict and moral issues. Our general public today is face with numerous ethical issues, for example, same sex marriage know as gay marriage and the issue of fetus removal. Christian strict training has assisted with building up my feeling of character and having a place, setting me up for life as individual in the public eye. It gives me awareness and comprehension of my convictions, incl

Killing and non-killing religions

Slaughtering and non-murdering religions Presentation: In the present occasions, the world is helpless against fear assaults. A portion of these fear mongering exercises are constantly connected with outrageous strict associations. Take for example, the ISIS, a fear association working in Iraq and Syria (Armstrong, 2014). This dread gathering legitimizes the murdering of non-Muslims on religion. They wrongly accept that the Quran gives them position to murder and damage any individual who isn't rehearsing Islam. This paper tries to clarify the idea of murdering and non-slaughtering religions. It further looks to distinguish, which of these is related with advanced fear mongering. This paper stands firm that killing religions are for the most part connected with current fear mongering. Murdering and Non Killing Religions: Non-murdering alludes to perspectives and activities proposed to forestall or stop universal demonstrations of executing human life. This is a term that tries to criticize savagery, and it advances a serene concurrence. Non-Killing can be utilized to allude to a strict conviction that doesn't advocate for viciousness. Instances of such religions incorporate Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity, Judaism, and so forth (Docker, 2008). These are viewed as non-slaughtering religions, on the grounds that their lessons advocate against viciousness. Take for example in Christianity, the book of scriptures trains that in the event that an individual hits you on one cheek, at that point give him another cheek to hit. This implies a Christian ought not take any retaliatory measures, for example, paying brutality with viciousness (Docker, 2008). Slaughtering religions then again advocate for the disposal of anyone who conflicts with its order. A model incorporates a religion that underpins the homicide or executing of individuals, who don't attribute to its qualities (Pallmeyer, 2003). Contention exists on whether Islam is a case of a slaughtering religion or not. This is on the grounds that there have been various translations of the lessons of Islam. One understanding is of the need to slaughter anyone who doesn't rehearse Islam. Other hand, other Islamic researchers contend this isn't right. This is on the grounds that Islam tries to grasp different religions (Docker, 2008). Be that as it may, this is an issue of discussion. More or less, while most Muslims see religion and profound quality as a methods for accomplishing harmony, not many of them consider viciousness to be a methods for accomplishing it. The gathering view jihadists as a variation of Islam that offers minimal more than mistreatment, strict police, hidden ladies, and repudiation of present day science. Contrasts Christians (Nonkilling Religion) accept that God sent Christ to address the deviations of the Jews. Muslims on another hand believe that God sent Prophet Mohammed, his last prophet, to address the deviations of the Christians. They accept that Christianity is certifiably not a genuine portrayal of the lessons of God (Docker, 2008). For instance, the two leave on the utilization of savagery to spread their religion. For example, one of the lessons of Christianity is that he who lives by the blade, will likewise pass on by the blade. This is a judgment of savagery, and it is looking to advance a serene conjunction among each other. The Quran instructs that any individual who attempts to leave the religion ought to be rebuffed. By taking a gander at these realities, it is conceivable to mean that Christianity and Islam are two totally different religions, and they engender various qualities and convictions. Buddhism and Hinduism are other non-murdering religions (Pallmeyer, 2003). These religions trust in a serene conjunction among each other. Moreover, Buddhism accepts that to accomplish extreme harmony, there is a need of a person to continually think. Hinduism has confidence in the presence of numerous divine beings, and goddesses. On this reality, this religion grasps different religions, and their convictions. This is inadmissible in Islam. Islam doesn't endure some other religion, and they accept that no God exists, aside from their god, who is called Allah. It is a direct result of this reality that Islamic fanatics are eager to slaughter, for Allah (Pallmeyer, 2003). The fierce advocation of Islamic convictions is alluded to as Jihad. Jihad alludes to an activity planned for applying exertion for reasons for accomplishing an ideal result. Muslims typically battle Jihad on two levels. The principal level, is the war against Satanic allegations, destitution, and infections (Pallmeyer, 2003). The subsequent Jihad is battled against any individual who is seen as conflicting with the standards and precepts of Islam. Non-executing religions don't bolster any sort of savagery, nor do they have any fierce belief systems, for example, jihad. Islam focuses on that any individual who doesn't change over to Islam, ought to be slaughtered, or oppressed. The other non-executing religions don't have these arrangements (Pallmeyer, 2003). For them, the individuals who don't concur with their doctrines are never killed or slaughtered. In this view, we can value the way that these two religions do differentiate in colossal advances. While the previous engenders for executing the agitators or making them slaves, the last spotlights on resilience and harmony. They do these dependent on Koran's Allah precepts. Also, in the event that a Muslim sibling gets into the method of killing the non-Muslims, Islam allows that such an individual is killed. They can go into the degrees of leveling an area to polish off unbeliever (Pallmeyer, 2003). In this sense, Islam views these kinds of killings as devotion, and it sees nothing amiss with it. For instance, the word Boko Haram implies that Western Education is evil. This is a strict radical gathering that is found in Northern Nigeria and it advocates for the Islamization of Nigeria. In the quest for their objective, they consumed schools, kidnaped many youngsters, and left causalities numbering in thousands. Their presumed joins with the al-Qaeda in the Maghreb and al-Shabaab in Somalia has made Boko Haram a genuine hazard according to U.S national security. The other non-slaughtering religions calls for adoring your neighbors as you love you. So the idea of executing to pick up something is viewed as underhanded in these types of religions. In contrast with Christianity, Islam doesn't offer a section about adoration, 1 Corinthians 13.There exist no story of Good Samaritan (Docker, 2008). The call to individual blessedness doesn't exist totally. There is no expectation for individual salvation by method of blameless penance similarly as Christ did upon Calvary. The desire for endless euphoria in sacred paradise is non-existent (Ellens, 2004). The penance of setting out the life of one individual is absent in Islam. Rather, it is murdering others that will let you gain time everlasting (Docker, 2008). The adoration for a neighbor is missing in totality among the executing religions. This is seen among the Boko Haram aggressors. This individuals execute, with the contention that they are upholding for the reception of Islamic standards. Prophet Mohammed was a political pioneer, and the Koran had a lot to state about how to sort out an all around run society in a way that advances harmony and equity. The two make it valid by saying that, cutting edge Muslims think that its exceptionally crazy to isolate religion from Government. It makes one wonder, for what reason would human law be exempt from the laws that apply to everyone else of God. It is on this gauge we find such a large number of radicals ascending to counter government powers in all way of mischievous carnage techniques (Docker, 2008). They don't consider who they may be placing in harm's way, however their principle center is narrow-mindedness. In other world religions, the converse is clear, Killing isn't permitted and is respected malevolence. Such acts draw in disciplines extending from unceasing judgment and torment. In these religions, there is the partition of religion and government structures (Docker, 2008). The sacred book of Muslims is the Koran. It is an aggregation of God's laws which were uncovered to Mohammed.. Mohammed is regarded by most Muslims as a prophet of God and not as an augmentation of God. Christ in His works here on earth professed to be God. Mohammed was a human delegated by God to broadcast the message of harmony and edification and in this sense; he had no otherworldly powers (Ellens, 2004). To Christianity, it is in opposition to these. Christ in his service among the Jews did numerous wonders that finished into a lot of individuals following His precept. This incorporates raising the dead, recuperating the wiped out, and so on. For Him, numerous individuals had faith in unceasing euphoria in blessed paradise since He was an expansion of God Himself. Current Terrorism Cutting edge fear mongering is profoundly connected with slaughtering religions. Take for instance, Islam. Most psychological warfare bunches that develop, typically partner themselves with Islam. A model is Al-Qaeda, whose pioneers called for Jihad, against the Americans and the Israeli interests (Ellens, 2004). This is on the grounds that they accepted that America and Israel were neutralizing the interests of Islam. The Quran urges Muslims to take prisoners during examples of war (Armstrong, 2014). This can possibly happen when a jihad is announced. This is the motivation behind why most fear bunches ordinarily refer to a Jihad, when occupied with psychological warfare exercises. It may be genuine hypothetically, yet cutting edge psychological oppression is clear on the sections from Koran like the one above. A great deal of accentuations are on the jihad as methods for seeing the brilliant life in front of us. In such manner, radicals like the al-Qaeda, al-Shabab and the Boko Haram of Nigeria willingly volunteer to control governments by either seizing planes, youngsters or simply slaughtering utilizing bombs (Armstrong, 2014). What is important to them is applying trepidation and nervousness among blameless residents to the detriment of their narrow minded undertakings. There is a solid relationship between cutting edge psychological warfare and confidence. These words are all around delineated in the severe murdering of Cpl. Nathan Cirillo by an ongoing Muslim proselyte called Michael Zeharf-Bibeau. In his accommodation, he expresses that it crazy for a Muslim proselyte to go on a shooting binge in the Canadian parliament (Docker, 2008). In as much as it is obvious that the reli

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Journal Of Innovation The Digital Economy â€Myassignmenthelp.Com

Question: Examine About The Journal Of Innovation The Digital Economy? Answer: Introducation Pretty much every business exchange begins with dealings. Regardless of whether these exchanges are short or long, the standards of the law of agreement will apply. It is typical for arrangements to break before the gatherings make the arrangement. A portion of the causes could be absence of comprehension between the gatherings, or gatherings may simply pick the end them in the wake of getting an alternate activities. While a few arrangements require significant investment and costs to set up, the law doesn't have any solution for such issue. This paper intends to talk about issues of fundamental understandings. The paper will extend on whether such understandings have odds of restricting the gatherings or stand no ground. Besides, the paper will likewise talk about issues of agreement execution. Ultimately, the paper will experience a portion of the principles that direct notices. Lianne and Marys Preliminary Agreements. Both Lianne and Mary were arranging a potential agreement. Lianne requested that Mary set up a statement. Mary made the statement, and the two of them kept on trading suppositions about the agreement. Be that as it may, the gatherings neglect to arrive at an arrangement, and the exchanges break. Mary the looks to uphold the statement that she arranged. The focal contest in this inquiry is whether the value quote made by mary upon the solicitation of Lianne can turn into an authoritative understanding. All the more significantly, regardless of whether fundamental understanding planned to frame some portion of the principle understanding can turn into an official understanding. While courts may attempt to uphold an agreement with holes to give equity an honest gathering, the law of agreement doesn't have the foggiest idea about any answer for an agreement that comes up short on the key components (McKendrick, 2012). In a straightforward understanding, (Furmston, Tolhurst and Mik, 2010) clarifies that the court can't make an agreement where it doesn't exist. It is upon the gatherings to make the administration and carry it to the law for requirement. Then again, there is no good reason for assume that the development of all agreement takes the expressed procedure. Once in a while, the gatherings may haggle for quite a long time or months. Gatherings trade offers and counter-offers, and eventually, they even break the agreements into certain parts and concur on each part in turn. Whatever structure it takes, the law would require such exchanges to be in accordance with some basic honesty (Barasnevicius Quagliato, 2008). It is in the soul of sincere trust in e xchanges that achieves the gathering of brain, and the gathering of psyche carries a goal to settle on an official understanding. The law of agreement presumes that an agreement under arrangement does not have an expectation to make a lawful bond (Perillo, 2014). Then again, gatherings may concede to certain issues and even sign primer exchanges. In any case, as the arrangements delay, the gatherings break, and all the dealings reach a conclusion. Such issue turns out to be hard when one gathering pushes to authorize the starter understanding while the other party tries to save everything (Hwang, 2017). Lamentably, there are no arrangements in the law that guidance on the correct activity for such issues. It is upon the court to utilize its instruments on settling on the parity of the interests. In generally speaking, courts have grouped starter understandings into two classifications. In (Beale, Bishop, and Furmston, 2008), the principal class of a fundamental understanding is the one that that gatherings get ready as they anticipate the last understanding. Regardless of that, this understanding holds the basic terms that would frame some portion of the primary understanding (Miller and Jentz, 2010). That is, the rest of the terms are less significant in the full execution of the agreement. Further, this understanding holds all the components of the understanding, for example, offer and acknowledgment, thought and the consent of the gatherings. At the point when such starter understanding comes to court in question with respect to its implementation, the court fills the holes to give it a legitimate power (Beale, Bishop, and Furmston, 2008). Notwithstanding, the court may in any case excuse it on the off chance that it has a provision that signifies a dependence on the pond ered understanding. Like class one of fundamental understanding, a classification two is made as the gatherings anticipate the arrangement of a definitive understanding (Beale, Bishop, and Furmston, 2008). The distinction come in the substance of the two. In contrast to the first, the subsequent class includes a primer understanding which has a few yet not every material term of the anticipated understanding. Furthermore, the understanding might be inadequate with regards to the gathering of the psyche concerning the thought. Nonetheless, the understanding may in any case be a reality restricting yet just to where the gatherings have consented to haggle in compliance with common decency (Beale, Bishop, and Furmston, 2008). All things considered, an obligation for haggling in accordance with some basic honesty doesn't make a commitment that gatherings ought to make a definitive understanding. Simultaneously, class II fundamental understanding may force liabilities like taking care of the expense of under standing arrangement. A case of these is the letters of purpose and extended agreement citation. Aside from that strategy, England courts utilize a goal approach. This strategy was as of late applied by Lord Clarke in (RTS Flexible Systems Limited v. Molkerier Alois Muller Gmbh Company KG, 2010). The appointed authority that the assurance of an authoritative understanding relies on what the gatherings have shown their consent. That is, the court doesn't take a gander at the gatherings emotional perspective. Rather, the court takes a gander at the agreement all in all and the thought of the gatherings correspondence either by words or directs. In the event that their correspondence presents a target end that the gatherings showed their expectation to shape legitimate relations, and the two sides consented to all the fundamental terms, the court will uphold the agreement. Application One of the uses of the standard of separating starter understandings into two classifications was applied in the ongoing New York case (Stonehill Capital Mgt., LLC v. Bank of the West, 2016) This was a class one case. The litigant acknowledged the petitioners offer for an advance yet retained the exchange asserting that the gatherings had not executed a composed understanding. The petitioners guarantee succeeded. In (Arcadian Phosphates, Inc. v. Arcadian Corp, 1989), the court exhibited a classification II starter understanding. The petitioner asserted that the update that illustrated the Defendants offer of a manure business added up to an authoritative understanding. The reminder just had a few terms, yet the gatherings had not concurred on different terms. At the point when the inquirer sued for harms for penetrate, the court inferred that the primer understanding was not official as it did not have a portion of the material terms. Conversely, an England court had an alternate assessment to that of the New York controlling in only a finished up issue (Global Asset Management, Inc. v. Aabar Block S.A.R.L, 2017). Indeed, this case nearly favors the instance of Mary and Lianne. The two cases are where exchanges proceed in the email after the contested fundamental understanding. For this situation, Global had traded an understanding that read to some degree WITHOUT PREJUDICESUBJECT TO CONTRACT, On 23 April 2015. Later on June sixth, 2015, Aabar acknowledged to move the privilege to Global subject to sending a letter with the offer and verification of assets. Worldwide clung to these terms On ninth May 2015 when they messaged the prerequisite however included another proposal as the ninth may offer. On the next day, Aabar reacted by dropping the exchanges and dismissing all the offers. Worldwide sort to authorize the primary primer arrangement. Worldwide businesswon the case at a lower court, yet the court of Appeal upset the thinking of the lower court. To put it plainly, the court of Appeal depended on amended the mix-ups of the lower court. These were two errors. One was ignoring the resulting correspondence. The other one was applying (Perry v Suffields Ltd, 1916) That is, when gatherings exhibit a total agreement, the court should dismiss any further exchanges that look to put aside the agreement without the two gatherings assent. By examination, the statement was unbinding. In the event that the case was in New York, the case would in any case bomb as the case falls under classification II. That is, Lianne and Mary had not consented to fundamental terms. It was only a statement and gatherings kept on trading offers and counter-offers. Then again, the case would at present flop in an England court. By the gander at the choice of the court of Appeal in (Global Asset Management, Inc. v. Aabar Block S.A.R.L, 2017), the court of Appeal will utilize a similar component of taking a gander at the ensuing correspondence. Additionally, it would apply the justification of (Perry v Suffields Ltd, 1916). Agreement law expects gatherings to do as what they concurred in the agreement (Ashcroft and Ashcroft, 2011). At the point when one gathering finishes the exhibition that goes astray from the normal execution, the convention of significant execution becomes alright (Kubasek et al., 2016). In implementing such agreements, courts manage each case in an unexpected way. Notwithstanding, where deviation doesn't influence the basic terms of the agreement, the court permits the liable party to get the installments yet less the measure of work that it didn't perform. On the off chance that the deviation influences the basic terms, the whole agreement is saved, and the honest party asserts the harms for the break (Miller and Cross, 2010). The principle of considerable exhibition was which suits Lianne and Mary was affirmed in (Young v Thames Properties Ltd, 1999). The respondent had recruited the inquirer to develop a vehicle leave. The scalpings should be 100mm profound, yet the respondent developed it as 30mm profound. Additionally, the inquirer had utilized an inappropriate evaluation of tarmacadam for the top surface. The litigant would not pay him. The appointed authorities reasoned that the respondent to follow through on the petitioner the agreement cost yet take away the sum for the disappointments. Mary can just get the agreement cost less the aggregate that would adjust with the unprovided execution as she had consented to give Lia

Modern Symbolic Interpretive And Postmodern Perspectives Commerce Essay

Current Symbolic Interpretive And Postmodern Perspectives Commerce Essay In what ways does the utilization of a various viewpoint approach help us in accomplishing an increasingly complete comprehension of complex hierarchical marvels? Talk about with explicit reference to present day, representative interpretive and postmodern points of view and how every viewpoint gives various approaches to consider hierarchical wonders (for example authoritative structure, physical structure, culture as well as force inside associations). An association will ordinarily begin as a little working business with a couple of staff moving in the direction of a similar objective and maybe having a similar intrigue. What draws them together in any case was the shared trait of intrigue or reason. As a little activity association, it permits staff to impart to one another all the more much of the time as it does not have the unpredictability of a major activity association. Which will likewise implies that they will progress in the direction of the shared objective as it has a higher level of pf centralization of power. At the point when the organization become progressively fruitful after some time, they will extend and require more staff. At the point when they enlist, these new staffs are from varying backgrounds with various segment. These recently joined workers probably won't share the normal intrigue or comprehend the objective. This may prompt emergency as there may be in-battling among the different divisions inside th e association, benefit may fall and the underlying soul of the association will vanish when the organizer or pioneer gathering of staff leave. All things considered, an instrument, social is required to control the staff towards a typical way. Culture exists in all associations despite the fact that some might be divided or hard for pariah to see. Culture is the qualities, standards, convictions and presumption grasped by the workers. Culture is significant in light of the fact that it invades and impacts all exercises in an association. Culture is something that is shared among the workers. It inserted in the representative, influencing all that they do or think. This gives them a typical perspective and ties them all together. (Howard W. Oden, 1999) Schein accepts that the center of fundamental presumption will give individuals its qualities and conduct standards who will thusly settle on decisions base on it and in the long run thinking of curios. The accompanying chart base on Scheins Levels of Organization Level will clarify more (Mary Jo Hatch, 2006) Level 1 Relics Obvious Organizational Features (Eg Company names, uniform or brand pictures) Level 2 Qualities Non-obvious aspects of authoritative culture (Norms and convictions) Level 3 Fundamental Assumption (Core) Generally oblivious and unsaid casings that shape esteems and curios framed through and out of specific social connections. (Truth or what they accept is reality) Figure 1 Scheins three degrees of culture Sub-culture inside association are similarly as significant as it permits the workers to distinguish themselve as an unmistakable gathering inside the association. The sub-culture will be framed base on the association center culture and worth. This empower them to move towards a similar heading and have a superior comprehension of their errand inside the association. Innovation point of view makes reference to that associations are equitably genuine elements working in a genuine world. They are very much planned and overseen arrangement of choice and activity driven by standards of sanity, proficiently, and adequacy for expressed reason (Hatch and Cunliffe 2006). Pioneer accepts that societies are genuine and they help to shape a personality of the organization. Pioneer has faith in utilizing demonstrated hypothesis. With a solid culture, the organization can accomplish a superior outcome by improving association productivity and adequacy in this manner accomplishing better outcome. Be that as it may, a culture may likewise compel the organization movement. A Japanese organization culture has confidence in regarding the status. All things considered, staffs are assessed base on their time of administration in the organization over their exhibitions. This doesn't urge staff to buckle down, which will thus influence the productivity of the associat ion. Utilizing Botak Jones, a western nourishment outlet as model. It has its own societies. The representatives will wear uniform which is easygoing, pants with the organization shirt. Its motto Damn great nourishment at a damn decent cost may appears to be hostile with regards to Singapore culture, yet its really an exceptionally normal method for discourse between the westerners. Studies and research had been directed to find out the connection between solid culture and elite inside an association. American analysts John Kotter, James Hestter and Dan Denison embraced a quantitative innovator approach by directed a study with 200 enterprises to explore of social quality on hierarchical execution (Hatch and Cunliffe 2006). The outcome was there is a positive connection between's the quality of corporate culture and association execution. They likewise understand that by adjusting these with the evolving condition, it permits them to respond quicker to the changes. All things considered, pioneer accepts that on the off chance that we can comprehend association culture, the executives can utilize that information to accomplish certain result, for example, improving proficiency and adequacy. Emblematic Interpretive scientist accepts that societies are genuine however they center in discover the significance behind the way of life. They accept that the association resembles a theater and the representatives each have a task to carry out while the world is the stage. The workers job performs to outside client, yet inside too. An organization achievement will base on how well the representative comprehends its job and how great they play it. Other than physical work, there are likewise extra measures required from the worker which was characterized as enthusiastic works by Hochschild. This requires the representatives to smother his/her inclination to depict certain picture or desire for other people. The comparability between the passionate work and physical work is that the representative may get distanced from a part of themselves either a piece of the body or the edges of the spirit that is use for the work. Utilizing Singapore Casket for instance, the representatives don't show their emotions as it is wrong for the business. They can't grin or snicker in spite of how cheerful they are feeling. They could possibly show a grave face when confronting client. Then again, air attendant can just show an agreeable and bright picture. They should cause client to feel welcome. They can't toss their temper or show misery over the span of work regardless of how requesting or outlandish the client is. What's more, for the two cases, the workers should smother its inclination, making them the enthusiastic work for its association. To see increasingly about the association, scientist will take an interest in the association themselves (eg work in the association) rather than simply doing review. On the other hand, they can direct perceptions or inside and out meeting. This empowers them to comprehend the way of life better and to comprehend the languages or images utilized by them. The strategy for thick depiction Geertz supported is a type of ethnography which shows how social individuals decipher the images and its unique situation. (Mary Jo Hatch, 2006) This assists with understanding the way of life better as the way of life from one association won't mean the equivalent at another association. By understanding the way of life meaning, they can speak with others all the more successfully as they realize that every one of them are simply satisfying their jobs and it is nothing work force. This information additionally empower the association to all the more likely arrangement its preparation for every job pl ayer just as better command over them. As the investigation of pioneer culture gives information that is as of now converted into remedies for the executives, they are limited by the goal of the examination measurement which is characterized by the scientist (Hatch and Cunliffe 2006). Accordingly, emblematic interpretative specialist has an advantage over the pioneer analysts as they enter a social area and can relate better. Postmodernist are wary and challenges that association have a culture. They imagine that culture are unbelievable, its a fantasy, a figment and made in the psyche of the workers. Post pioneer feel that the way of life are made by individuals with the goal that they can apply control over others. This is use as an instrument to challenge force or force battle. This resembles a drama whereby there are no fixed guidelines however consistent changes in the association. They don't concentrate on culture yet the manner in which force and control is applied through account. At the point when another administration dominated, they will change the vision proclamation or objectives or set certain guidelines or guideline. This is to show their forces and to minimize different voices. This progressions doesn't fundamental impart thoughts, train them or even builds viability or proficiency. These progressions are simply to discover who its supporters are and who isnt. This permits the administration to recognize power battles, discontinuity, purposes of insecurity and disappointment inside the association. This additionally serves to underestimated representatives and reveal numerous and contending translations. IBM for occasions, had a solid culture anyway it isnt only one part of the game; it is the game. At long last, the association is simply the aggregate limit of its kin to make esteem. (Louis V. Gerstner, Jr, 2002) This culture keeps the association from preparing and staying aware of the present condition circumstance. Through deconstruction, changes were made and new societies were presented. This make IBM came back from close breakdown to showcase pioneers. Custom association esteems will be tested by postmodern qualities in the event that they are impacts by monetary, social and political estimations of todays workforce (Green, 2007) Despite the fact that there are 3 alternate points of view that associations can use to comprehend the way of life,

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Postpartum Depression Critical Analysis - Free Essay Example

I selected postpartum depression (PPD) for my critical analysis paper because I wanted to increase my knowledge and awareness surrounding PPD. While I participated in the direct care of many individuals at high risk for PPD, the patient I selected for my critical analysis was a case that surprised me, as I felt she was not given the holistic care that she needed. My selected patient was a 38-year-old, G3P1111, who had a planned cesarean birth at 37 weeks 1-day gestation. Relevant medical history included a current diagnosis of major depression without treatment due to pregnancy, as well as a history of stillbirth in the third trimester and a traumatic past pregnancy due to preeclampsia and pelviectasis. The patient denied substance use during pregnancy, was currently employed as a teacher and had an intact support system. The patient had given birth at 0535 the day prior and was quite fatigued throughout the bedside report and morning assessment from lack of sleep. During bedside report, the night nurse for the newborn, the float pool nurse for the mother, the oncoming nurse, and I were all cramped inside the patients room along with the spouse and the newborn. Each nurse exchanged pertinent information and the oncoming nurse asked the patient what concerns she had for the day. The mother then discussed, in front of all us, her frustration with her lack of breastmilk production and hopelessness with the breastfeeding process. The nurse encouraged the mother to continue breastfeeding and suggested addressing the problem after the mother had some rest. After leaving the room, the nurses discussed how she was a difficult patient and was going to be trouble for the day. An hour later, the patients physical health was assessed. The nurse again asked the mother again if she had any concerns or questions and the mother replied just as before, expressing frustration with the lack of progress amidst two prior lactation consults and bedside education from multiple nurses. She refused another lactation consult out of exasperation. The nurse did not assess psychology health at that time and instead encouraged self-care and suggested ways the spouse could help ease some stress. Later, the nurse mentioned she was worried about the mom due to her anxiety and lack of bondi ng with the newborn. This assessment surprised me, as the nurse had not seemed empathetic during conversations with the patient. As far as I observed, the nurses concern was not documented or discussed with the treatment team. Later that day, the nurse had a conversation with the lactation consultant about mom giving up on breastfeeding, but I perceived the discussion to be one of complaint rather than concern. The Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale (EPDS) was provided to the patient and completed. There was no discussion of the purpose of the EPDS or review of warning signs and symptoms of PPD. The only education provided concerned self-care, newborn care, and breast feeding. The nurse provided the patient with the postpartum discharge packet which included A New Beginning: Your Personal Guide to Postpartum Care. This packet contained a section on PPD, including warning signs and what necessitates the need for treatment. However, the packet did not include a printout for local psychosocial support options, although support resources for breast feeding were included. Literature Review The Association for Womens Health and Neonatal Nursing (AWHONN) released a position statement in 2015 that advises any health care facility serving women, mothers, and newborns to require policies surrounding patient education and screening for PPD. Due to the fact that health care providers, especially nurs es, play a key role in PPD screening and intervention, AWHONN also suggests appropriate education, training, and referral resources are provided for staff. Not unlike general mental health disorders, PPD is diagnosed on a continuum, ranging from mild to severe. Signs and symptoms of PPD include baby blues that are more severe and last for more than a week (sad, anxious, or overwhelmed feelings, crying spells, loss of appetite, difficulty sleeping) and thoughts of causing harm to self or baby or lack of interest in the baby (Alderman, 2016, p. 749). Mild cases of PPD can be easily overlooked, as the symptoms can reflect what most individuals expect from parenthood. While severe cases of PPD can put the lives of both the mother and the baby at risk, even mild cases of PPD can have a lasting effect on the womans health, her ability to connect with her child, her relationship with her partner, and her childs long-term health and development (AWHONN, 2015, p. 687). Symptoms of PPD may present for up to ten years after diagnosis, placing the women at increased risk for infanticide and non-compliance with future pediatric care. Potential adverse effects for children of those affected with moderate to severe PPD include increased risk for behaviour al problems by age 3-5 years, and lower mathematics grades and depression during adolescence (Meltzer-Brody et al., 2018, p.1068). The long-lasting adverse impact that PPD can have both mother and child highlight the imperative need for early intervention and rapid-acting treatment. Furthermore, nurses are a vital part of the intervention process, as they able to help encourage, assess, screen, educate, and provide resources throughout the spectrum of pregnancy. AWHONN recommends that nurses should encourage an open environment for patients to verbalize their fears and concerns surrounding pregnancy (2015). By providing a judgment-free zone, and taking care not to dismiss or misattribute symptoms, women are more likely to open up and gain more from the intervention (Hadfield Wittkowski, 2017, p. 733). At this time, it is important to focus on the woman rather than the infant to avoid the perception that their needs have been overlooked (Hadfield Wittkowski, 2017). Secondly, nurses should acquire a detailed patient history upon admission and provide a thorough assessment for PPD during each stage of the pregnan cy. In order to provide an accurate assessment, nurses must first be aware of risk factors for PPD as well as presenting signs and symptoms (AWHONN, 2015). Common risk factors include prenatal depression, prenatal anxiety, child care pressure, infant temperament, life stress, lack of social support, single marital status, marital dissatisfaction, history of depression, postpartum blues, low self-esteem, low socioeconomic status, unwanted and pregnancy (Kim Dee, 2018, p. 23) It is important to assess for potential post-traumatic stress due to traumatic childbirth, reviewing high levels of medical intervention during labor, long and painful labors, or a perceived lack of support (AWHONN, 2015, p.687). Symptoms of PPD. One of the most concrete nursing interventions for PPD is screening throughout, pre, intra, and postnatal visits. The Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale (EPDS) is the most widely used tool in the prediction of PPD. Other tools used alongside the EPDS include the Postpartum Depression Predictors Inventory-Revised (PDPI-R) which quantify PPD risk factors (McCarter-Spaulding Shea, 2016, p. 3). A deficit in knowledge concerning PPD limits mothers and their support system from recognizing symptoms, decreasing stigma, and accessing treatment. To help overcome this barrier, nurses should include education for patients and families on self-monitoring for symptoms of PPD at various stages (Hadfield Wittkowski, 2017). McCarter-Spaulding and Shea suggest that education is most effective when initiated and highlighted during the prenatal period, briefly addressed before discharge after delivery, and revisited during postnatal care visits. Post-delivery is a time full of many distractions for a new mother, as she is recovering and focused on care her newborn, as a result, education about PPD during the busy hospitalization might not be an effective use of nursing time, and may reduce attention to important priorities such as infant feeding and maternal care as well as rest (2016, p. 6). Finally, nurses should be aware of local resources for the treatment of PPD and have materials r eady should their patient need them (AWHONN, 2015; Alderman, 2016). Offering printed resources may be a more effective intervention as this helps empower the individual, allowing more opportunities for control in their plan of care. Hadfield and Wittkowski found that women who felt as though decisions were made by health care professionals rather than themselves experienced greater distress than women who had voluntarily sought a referral (2017, p. 732). Recommendations for treatment of PPD are determined by the severity of the diagnosis, with both therapy and antidepressants as effective treatment options. Mild to moderate cases of PPD typically involve peer support, counseling, or psychotherapy. While moderate to severe cases may indicate both psychotherapy and antidepressant treatment (AWHONN, 2015). The current standard for PPD pharmaceutical treatment consists of selective serotonin-reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) which are approved for use with breastfeeding, however, some argue that the ability of SSRIs to prevent post-partum depression is also un clear (Alderman, 2016; Meltzer-Brody, S. et al., 2018, p.1060). There are new trials for PPD specific medications, with promising drugs such as Brexanolone, a rapid onset intramuscular injection, on the forefront. However, pharmaceutical treatment for PPD is not without its own barriers, as some women felt ashamed for not being able to cope on their own and stigmatized for taking medication (Hadfield Wittkowski, 2017, p. 732). Additional barriers to generalized treatment of PPD range from transportation and for care to fear of judgment from family and healthcare providers. Furthermore, preservation of self-image can prevent some women from seeking help, as they internalized the stigma surrounding PPD. Some mothers associated PPD with poor parenting, a label that was perceived to be worse than the label of depressed (Hadfield Wittkowski, 2017, p. 732).